December 22, 2016


 Application Engineering

Hunter Strategy specializes in application modernization efforts. Our developers are not only technical subject matter experts, but also thought leaders who interface with customers and team mates alike to instill a true technical vision that can withstand the test of time. While we are very much proponents of open source technologies, our team of experts is also well-versed in all of the latest proprietary technologies as well. Our preferred architecture is an API-first, modular design that leverages automation, employs test-driven-development, uses a comprehensive continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) pipeline, and applies agile methodologies to all of our projects while giving our customers visibility into all of our work. Read our white paper on adaptive agile in the federal government to learn more about our approach to application engineering.

Cyber Security

Hunter Strategy has supported several federal agencies with respect to cyber security. Our expertise in this area includes Risk Management Framework (RMF) assessments, risk and vulnerability assessments, Information Assurance (IA), penetration testing, security information and event management (SIEM), security threat remediation, and enterprise security operations. We leverage best in breed cyber tools and technologies such as Splunk, Cisco ISE, NetIQ, QRadar, CyberArk, Hadoop, and ArcSite to rapidly identify, develop, and deploy cyber threat detection capabilities throughout our customer’s enterprises. Our cyber security subject matter experts (SME) have the ability to align technical requirements with policy mandates to reduce risk, enhance productivity, improve the customer experience, and reduce costs. This along with our ability to provide enterprise architecture and independent verification and validation (IV&V) for all approval to operate (ATO) packages as well as our deep understanding of FISMA and FedRAMP requirements gives our customers true thought leadership in the area.


Hunter Strategy recognizes that government agencies are moving to an agile development model that requires varying degrees of organizational and cultural change. We support this transition with our team of experienced developers, project managers, and quality assurance (QA) engineers that have implemented similar transformations across multiple federal agencies and commercial organizations. Using a combination of scaled agile framework and DevOps/SysOps tools to maximize the teams’ performance and results, our team integrates with our customer’s personnel to form tightly integrated teams that are better positioned to resolve blockers quickly and swiftly.

Hunter Strategy builds highly scalable DevOps infrastructure using cutting edge rapid deployment tools for consistency of integration and delivery. We embrace open source solutions from project management, Kanban dashboards to databases, code versioning and deploy, scripting and automated testing tools.

Data Analytics


Strategic Planning